The Bellevue Zip Tour is located in an amazing old Maple and Douglas Fir forest in Bellevue, WA.  The 7  zip lines are as long as 458 feet and are as high as 80 feet above the ground.  Travel up to 35 mph between views of Mt. Baker and Glacier Peak from between the branches of a big leaf maple tree, or walk across one of the suspension bridges among the trees.  Open April through October, the Bellevue Zip Tour is a natural wonder in the city, waiting to be discovered by you!


Our Partnership

First established in 2006, the Bellevue Challenge Course & Zip Tour is a partnership between Northwest Teambuilding (a Signature Company) and the City of Bellevue.  Based on the success of the challenge course, the City of Bellevue decided to expand it's offerings and build a 7 line zip tour in the fall of 2013.  The Zip Tour began full operations in the spring of 2014, and has been going strong each April through October serving thousands of happy zip line adventurers from all over the world! 


Our Guides

The professional zip line guides at Bellevue Zip Tour are focused on delivering effective, quality experiences for all their participants, and operate all programs at the Bellevue Zip Tour on behalf of the City of Bellevue.


Bellevue Challenge Course

First established in 2006, the original challenge course was developed at the request of the members of the Bellevue Youth Link Board who showed City of Bellevue staff the need to expand youth services in the area.  The challenge course was built in August of 2005, expanded by Northwest TeamBuilding in 2008, and includes a Low Course, Vertical Playpen and a High Course.  


Northwest TeamBuilding

Northwest TeamBuilding is dedicated to delivering outstanding programs, training and projects within the outdoor adventure industry.  We are a dedicated member of our Pacific Northwest community and serve as a qualified resource for the diverse needs of our challenge course and aerial adventure clients.