What to Wear

  • As we operate in the great outdoors please ensure that you dress appropriately for the weather, your comfort makes for a better ride. 
  • Shirts that cover the shoulder and  shorts that go to at least the knee are recommended to prevent any harness to skin contact. 
  • All riders must wear CLOSED TOED SHOES. Sneakers or hiking shoes are recommended. Sandals and heels are not permitted 

What to bring

  • Lockers We offer lockers free of charge, locks will be provided for you at the gear up area after check-in. We encourage you to leave any items you do not NEED to have with you on the tour in a locker. 
  • Cameras, snacks, water bottles are all allowed on the course. If you choose to bring these items please ensure that you have a small back pack or some small pouch so you can carry them with you on your tour. 
  • Sunglasses Can be a good idea in early spring but once the maples get their leaves the course tends to be rather shady. 
  • Eyeglasses Unless they are loose fitting feel free to wear them on the tour. 
  • Sunscreen and bug spray If you choose to use these items please put them on down in the parking lot before you check in. This will reduce the exposure our gear has to these chemicals. Bug spray is recommended.
  • Cash We encourage you to bring cash if you wish to purchase a souvenir t-shirt or wish to tip your guides at the end of your tour.